Ratcliffe’s Committee Seats are a Conflict of interest


For Immediate Release
Contact: Lou Gigliotti, 214.679.8907

(January 25, 2016) Rockwall, TX – Freshman Congressman John Ratcliffe has been called out for sitting on the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity that approves funding for his former lobbyist firm.

“We just uncovered that Ratcliffe is still part of his previous Lobbying group with John Ashcroft through various LLC Companies that he is a percentage owner.“, said Gigliotti.

Of Ratcliffe’s old Lobbying firm, the Ashcroft Group, The Guardian says “Ashcroft is a brazen example of what critics call Washington’s revolving door – a process whereby officials leave public service for the private sector, exploiting their old contacts…”  Ratcliffe’s case is different because he has gone from the lobbyist world to elected office.

Furthermore, the Texas Secretary of State’s office has a public filing that lists Ratcliffe as a member with The Ashcroft Group in Apollo Services, LLC, a company that deals in Homeland and Cybersecurity federal contracts.

“This is a real conflict of interest for someone in government, who worked with lobbyists, to be in a position to hand contracts out to his old friends.” Gigliotti continued.

Ratcliffe’s personal finance disclosure reveals that he represented Huntington Ingalls, a major defense contractor, as well as Stratford, a private intelligence firm…” both are still clients of his former lobbying firm.

“This is one of the reasons that people don’t trust Congress.” Gigliotti said. “Ratcliffe has accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from lobbyists and his old friends in the Homeland and Cybersecurity industry who can easily benefit from his position.”

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