$50,000 Donation to

Wounded Veterans

“I promise to donate $50,000 of my paycheck to the “Wounded Veterans” and to a fund to benefit the “volunteer fire departments” in the 4th district, to be shared by all. I am not a rich man but I also not in this for the money. I have a good company with 10 employees that I will put in the hands of my son to run if I am elected.”

I will fight for

Term Limits

“I promise to fight for term limits. I would not stay in office more than 3 terms, if the voters of the 4th district saw fit to vote me back into office. I would enforce a self-imposed term limit to make way for another citizen to work in Congress. The House of Representatives was always intended to be a “Citizen Legislature”, not for career politicians.”


National Debt

“I promise to not vote to allow the national debt to be raised. We owe enough already and just raising the amount that we owe does not help. I will push for a real spending freeze. If the citizens can all get along without a raise, then the Government can clearly do without a raise. Especially considering that a federal government employee already makes 2 times what the average working man makes.”

Repeal or Defund


“I promise I will do everything in my power to repeal or defund Obamacare. A thoughtful, free market solution to our high health care costs should replace it. Most of the problems with the high costs are a result of intrusive government. We have the best doctors and hospitals in the world and we have to keep them in place to do the great work that they do.”


Planned Parenthood

“I promise to do everything in my power to advance the pro-life position. Defund Planned Parenthood and reverse what has happened with regard to Abortions in America. Every human has the same God given rights.

Defend our

Moral Values

I promise to bring our moral values to the front stage. We see christians persecuted over “gay wedding cakes or Gay marriage. (Gay Marriage??? What??) 2% of the population is said to be gay, so why are they controlling the agenda in American Life?

Simplify Our

Tax Structure

“I promise that I will work toward making your taxes simpler. We are truly taxed enough already and what we earn is our private property. The tax structure has been used to fill the government piggy bank to spend on the most foolish things that we can think up. I say it’s time to get back to the basics. Back to what the Federal government was intended to do and nothing more. The current tax system is theft by government and it must stop. I will push to repeal the 16th amendment, abolish the IRS and install a fair tax system that does not punish the workingman and confiscate the fruits of his labor.”

Fight For Voting Reform

1 Man-1 Day-1 Vote

“I promise to push for voting reform that would require everyone to re-register showing proof of citizenship and proof of birth. Why would anyone protest if only American Citizens vote? Implement a voter ID card that is as secure as your credit card. Then I will push to eliminate absentee voting except for the military and extreme health problems. “One Man-One Day-One Vote”.”

Fight to

Eliminate The Pork

“I promise to fight to eliminate the bacon and pork. Why would a Texan ask for a few strips of bacon from Washington DC, when the Pig came from Texas? I will Fight to leave the pig in Texas and we can make our own bacon!!!”


The Border

“I promise to submit bills to CLOSE the border! I will work hard to end all incentives that bring the illegals into the US. I will work to eliminate ALL social services, for non citizens. Welfare, healthcare, food stamps and any other government programs ONLY for legal citizens. We don’t pay taxes to fund free services for illegal border crossing criminals.”

STOP Immigration From

The Middle East

“I promise to STOP immigration from the Middle East and end Student Visas from Muslim countries. It only took 19 young muslim men to pull off the 9-11 massacre of Americans. Why would we continue to let this group in?”


Total Immigration

“I promise to reduce total immigration into America. At the current rate, the face and culture of America will be changed forever unless we drastically reduce immigration. America had NO immigration for 60 years, it is time to curtail it again.”



“I promise to do everything in my power to eliminate the EPA and stop them from interfering with our drilling. Texas has natural resources that could free the US from our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Just working around the edges with the EPA does no good. They think up new rules every day.” The EPA stands for “EMPLOYMENT PREVENTION AGENCY” so why let them continue??


Get Off the Sidelines!

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