What US Rep. Ratcliffe, Primary opponent Gigliotti think about Trump’s call to ban Muslims

Published December 10, 2015 in The Rockwall News by J. J. Smith

Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe and his March 1 Primary opponent Lou Gigliotti expressed different opinions to The Rockwall News yesterday about Donald Trump’s call to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

The Rockwall News asked both candidates Tuesday how they feel about Trump’s controversial proposal which has set off a firestorm of comments.

“Regarding Mr. Trump’s proposal, I agree with Ted Cruz in saying that ‘it’s not my policy,’ said Ratcliffe, in a statement shown in full below. “However, I share Trump’s deep concern over the President’s unwillingness to acknowledge and confront the threats posed by radical Islamist extremism.”

“My priority is keeping our homeland safe and protecting the security of Americans. I say this not just as a Member of Congress, but also as a former terrorism prosecutor who put individuals in federal prison for funneling money to terrorist groups. Let’s not lose sight of the ultimate goal: stopping radical Islamist extremism and eliminating groups like ISIS once and for all.”

In the past weeks, I’ve voted to pause our Syrian refugee program and close gaps in our visa waiver program to prevent terrorists from exploiting these programs to enter our borders.”

Gigliotti, a former race car champion and Plano performance parts business owner, sounded more like he supports Trump’s call in his statement (see his full statement at the bottom of this article).

“People attempting to enter the United States from countries affiliated with terrorist activities should absolutely be denied entry into our country until the visa program is fixed,” Gigliotti wrote.

“The liberal media is wrong in their assertion that these (Trump’s) views are unconstitutional, because there is no guarantee provided by the constitution to a ‘Right to come to America.”

“This is not without precedent,” he continued. “From the early 1900’s until the mid 1960’s, immigration into the United States was highly restricted. Yet since 911, our government has allowed roughly two million Muslims into America.

“We have no idea how many Islamic extremists are already here, it makes no sense to help facilitate the possibility of letting this Trojan horse in now.”

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