Nothing will change in Washington, D.C., unless we change it by changing who represents the people of America and Texas.

Government spending is out of control. Neither party has the will to stop this. Since 1980, our national debt has risen from $1 Trillion to $19 Trillion in 2015. Career politicians are not willing to cut anything meaningful. Like Ronald Reagan said, “The closest thing to eternal life is a government program”. There are so many programs, departments and agencies that could be eliminated, if only the politicians would take the proper action.

The Debt limit is high enough and should not be raised under any circumstances. The yearly interest to service the national debt is just under $400 billion. That leaves nearly 2.2 trillion dollars in revenue for the government to do that which is constitutionally authorized. Reset our Federal Budget at 2007 levels and eliminate the Baseline Budget process that guarantees increases. That would balance the budget overnight!

If the government spending had stayed at 2007 levels, we would essentially have a balanced budget. There would be no need to borrow from China or any need to scramble to raise taxes. The crazy spending must stop. For this to happen, we need committed Conservatives who won’t buckle under the pressure and will make real cuts.

In 2010, during the big snowstorm in Washington, D.C., the government told “All Non-Essential” employees to stay home because of the weather conditions. Well 210,000 “Non- Essential” employees stayed home for 2 days, and the world did not end. This is just one example of the bloated nature of BIG GOVERNMENT that is begging to be cut. Cutting “Non-Essential” government employees should be a no-brainer, but it seems to get lost in the shuffle.