Social Security

Only the government could devise a plan that would take 15% of every person’s paycheck for 75 years. For that, they have promised that you will have your retirement money waiting for you when you are ready. Now they come to the American people and tell us that the system is broke. If this were a private insurance company that did this, someone would go to JAIL! But the lawmakers who devised this scheme are long dead and gone. Temporary politicians make permanent laws that haunt us forever (Because no government program ever dies).

I agree that in fixing this, nothing should change for anyone 50 or older. They have paid into it for all of their lives and should still be able to count on it. But our children and grandchildren should be allowed to actually own their own retirement by paying into a private company that will be held accountable. The 15% that each of them pays in should be their property (since it is) that they can pass on to their kids.

Why does the government think that they own your property and earnings? Because we LET THEM! …Time to stop this theft by government.

Just think if you had your SS payments in a private company that did not spend them on government waste? The only role that the government would play would be to insure it like the FDIC insures bank deposits. Time to get the government out of our pockets and our retirement money.