Immigration and Border Control

Border Control is necessary for the orderly immigration of new citizens into America. The USA was built on orderly, legal immigration — not what is going on today. We say NO to amnesty! We have 20 million Americans out of a job, we don’t need to add 11 million illegals to take American jobs! END immigration from Middle Eastern terrorist countries. Stop Student Visas from these countries. End welfare to existing Immigrant non citizens.

East German Communism built a wall to keep people in. We need a wall to keep people out so we can implement the kind of immigration that is beneficial to the USA on our terms, not the illegal alien’s terms.

The easiest way to stop some of the illegal immigration is to stop the free flow of social services to non-citizens: welfare, food stamps, housing, and government healthcare. There must be real efforts to eliminate the freebie packages that illegal aliens get just for coming to America.