I love America! I love Texas! I have traveled to China, and the air in China is so dirty that you could swing a bat that would leave a mark! Clean air is not connected to phony Global Warming claims. We need clean air without destructive EPA regulations.

We don’t need to be anal about every EPA and Interior Department claim. There is a bug in every field just waiting to be “Saved” by the EPA — people be damned. Every breath that you exhale is just waiting for an EPA claim that it is killing the planet. There is a cow in every Texas field that the EPA wants to TAX! PLANTS need CO2 to make Oxygen for humans to live on. How did we fall into this propaganda trap? END all grants handed out by the EPA. Shrink the EPA and all their destructive regulations. Keep the air clean and America working!

Auto emissions have been cleaned up to the extent that continuing efforts are counterproductive. The law of diminishing returns has come into play. Cleaning up emissions much more is fruitless. Even electric cars use power generated by coal or natural gas to a large part and do nothing for emissions. In fact, the environmental cost to make the batteries and dispose of them is greater than not having electric cars.

Right now, we have great energy resources that are waiting to be tapped. The free market will invent the next power source, but in the mean time, we need to use what we have and stop subsidizing the so-called “green agenda” that does not work. Let the free market work to allow the next Thomas Edison or Einstein or any other geniuses come to the top.