Why would a government get in the way of America’s greatest natural assets? The Energy department has gotten in the way of harvesting our natural resources (as does the EPA). The bureaucratic nonsense must stop and the government must get out of the way. Remember, clean air does not mean Global Warming. We can drill and mine for our resources in a way that works for everyone but still produces what America needs to help our economy grow and move forward. It is a win-win situation.

Alternative energy sources will come on line if-and-when they become cost effective. Government needs to get out of “picking” the industry that they want to support. The free market has a way of finding solutions — from Henry Ford, to the Wright brothers, to the cars and jets that we have now. American ingenuity and American exceptionalism usually finds a way.

Now the pipeline from Canada is being held up. That is the kind of fight I will enjoy getting into. The facts behind the pipelines prove that they are safer than shipping, which will be the only way to get the oil into the US if the pipeline is denied.