Ratcliffe Admits Connection to Lobbying Firm

Press Release For immediate release: My opponent John Ratcliffe admitted last night in a candidate forum that he IS partners in the Apollo Services llc with the Ashcroft Group lobbying firm. These facts are what he was originally denying and calling me a liar on. At least he finally admitted to the connection and thus the…

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Endorsed by Dr. John Cooper, Baptist Minister

Dr. John Cooper, Baptist Minister and former Congressional candidate endorses Lou Gigliotti for US Representative District 4 Texas. “I have known Lou for a number of years and he has shown that he is a Constitutional conservative and God fearing family man who will have the 4th district well.” – Dr. John Cooper, Baptist Minister

Denise Simon Endorses Lou Gigliotti

  “As a life long conservative, investigative journalist and policy advisor, I offer my earnest endorsement for Lou Gigliotti for Congress. Lou has a keen ability to identify unique, valuable and aggressive resolutions to problem solving regarding business and government bureaucracies. Lou is stalwart, charitable and well versed in government affairs such that his talent…

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Ratcliffe’s Committee Seats are a Conflict of interest

For Immediate Release Contact: Lou Gigliotti, 214.679.8907 (January 25, 2016) Rockwall, TX – Freshman Congressman John Ratcliffe has been called out for sitting on the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity that approves funding for his former lobbyist firm. “We just uncovered that Ratcliffe is still part of his previous Lobbying group with John Ashcroft through…

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