Meet Lou Gigliotti



My Background

I moved to Texas just over 32 years ago. I had to come to Dallas on business while working for a car Company, once a month and I fell in love with Texas. And as they say, if I knew how good TEXAS was, I would have come sooner!

I borrowed $1200 from Beneficial Finance to get here. We came in a U-haul truck with my wife, my 2 month old son in a car seat, and my dog on the floor.

In the old days, when a person saw success, they would say,”Only in America!” Now they say,”ONLY IN TEXAS!” could this happen. Texas is the greatest state in the union.

Texas has allowed me to succeed beyond my wildest dreams. I am an “Accidental Developer“ . By that I mean that I have been able to purchase land with owner financing and pay it off as I developed it. My last project was a 45,000 SF building in Plano that we recently sold. I have purchased 150 acres in Anna, Tx where we are building a new 55,000 SF facility that will house my company and some lease space. WHERE in America can a person succeed like this? TEXAS!! That is where.

I have run my own business for 40 years. Plus, I am a Certified High School Math Teacher but left teaching in my 2nd year to start a racing and parts business 35 years ago. In addition, I am a 3 Time National Champion race car driver and team owner.

I am also a former golden gloves boxer, undefeated, and a scholarship winning high school wrestler with a record of 43-3 and was a high school wrestling coach.

I have raced everything from Bush cars, Corvettes, Formula cars and even Nascar Trucks. But our main focus in racing is also our business focus. WE RACE- YOU WIN! because we make the best performance parts inspired from our racing.


I received my BA degree in math and teaching certificate. After I got married, I worked toward my MBA at American University in Washington DC while Ronald Reagan, our last great President was in office.

Personal Life

My wife Karen is instrumental in our business and in our family. We have been married for 31 years and she continues to be my better half. We have two children, Louis Jr. and Christina. Texas has been our home since 1983.

My son Louis completed 4 years at Purdue and has been working in our family owned business ever since. He too is an entrepreneur and also runs his own business as well as help my company.

My daughter Christina graduated from UT Austin in the McCombs Business School, then Law at SMU. Christina is now a practicing Corporate lawyer here in Dallas.

Business Experience


lg-motorsports-logoWe started our current performance company in 1988 in Plano, Texas. LG Motorsports Inc. has 10 employees plus our whole family works there. The company was born from our Corvette racing team but it has grown to be a great small business with 10-14 employees. We build and race our own cars, and we design and build the performance parts that we sell. Combine that with the Commercial buildings that I have built makes me a producer, maker not a taker.

I know what it means to take an idea and turn it into a successful business. Starting from zero, we have turned our passion into a business right in Wylie, Texas. We are now building a new 46,000 Sq Ft building in Plano, Texas. We are known world wide in the Corvette performance parts industry. Along with winning 3 national championships Gigliotti won the Dallas GP back in ’93 and the Paul Revere 250 at Daytona in 2002 and the Long Beach GP.

I am a fighter and winner and I refuse to sit back and let America lose its greatness. It is about the people NOT the Government.

As a member of Congress, I will NOT stay silent while DC is burning! I am young enough to speak out and fight for principles that matter to the Texans that I have come to know and love.

It is time to send the career politicians home and implement term limits. The old ways of Washington DC are no longer what the people of America need or want.

One man can not chop a forest down alone–BUT one man can start a FOREST FIRE—AND I have matches!!” Send me to Congress and I will make you proud!