Action Plan

Send me to Congress and I will change the system!


Nothing will change in Washington, D.C., unless we change it by changing who represents the people of America and Texas.

Government spending is out of control. Neither party has the will to stop this. Since 1980, our national debt has risen from $1 Trillion to $19 Trillion in 2015. Career politicians are not willing to cut anything meaningful. Like Ronald Reagan said, “The closest thing to eternal life is a government program”. There are so many programs, departments and agencies that could be eliminated, if only the politicians would take the proper action.

The Debt limit is high enough and should not be raised under any circumstances. The yearly interest to service the national debt is just under $400 billion. That leaves nearly 2.2 trillion dollars in revenue for the government to do that which is constitutionally authorized.  Reset our Federal Budget at 2007 levels and eliminate the Baseline Budget process that guarantees increases.  That would balance the budget overnight!  

If the government spending had stayed at 2007 levels, we would essentially have a balanced budget. There would be no need to borrow from China or any need to scramble to raise taxes. The crazy spending must stop. For this to happen, we need committed Conservatives who won’t buckle under the pressure and will make real cuts.

In 2010, during the big snowstorm in Washington, D.C., the government told “All Non-Essential” employees to stay home because of the weather conditions. Well 210,000 “Non- Essential” employees stayed home for 2 days, and the world did not end. This is just one example of the bloated nature of BIG GOVERNMENT that is begging to be cut. Cutting “Non-Essential” government employees should be a no-brainer, but it seems to get lost in the shuffle.

Immigration and Border Control:

Border Control is necessary for the orderly immigration of new citizens into America. The USA was built on orderly, legal immigration — not what is going on today.  We say NO to amnesty!  We have 20 million Americans out of a job, we don’t need to add 11 million illegals to take American jobs!  END immigration from Middle Eastern terrorist countries.  Stop Student Visas from these countries.  End welfare to existing Immigrant non citizens.  

East German Communism built a wall to keep people in. We need a wall to keep people out so we can implement the kind of immigration that is beneficial to the USA on our terms, not the illegal alien’s terms.

The easiest way to stop some of the illegal immigration is to stop the free flow of social services to non-citizens: welfare, food stamps, housing, and government healthcare. There must be real efforts to eliminate the freebie packages that illegal aliens get just for coming to America.


How much is enough? There has to be a fair tax or flat tax to replace our current income tax system.   Eliminate the IRS immediately.  Legitimate functions of government, that do not exceed 18% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are sustainable and justified.  Today, our government consumes 27% of our Nation’s GDP.  The Ruling class think that OUR MONEY IS THEIR MONEY and they are WRONG!  The Best government is a small government and we must starve the Beast!

How much of the fruits of a man’s labor is enough to satisfy the all-consuming government bureaucracy? Before the government can spend a dollar, it must first confiscate that dollar from a citizen who earned it with his labor. The funding of the essential and constitutional duties of the Federal government is necessary, but taxing to fund ridiculous programs must end.

Second Amendment Gun Rights:

This right should not even be in question, but that is why we need new strong representatives who understand and abide by the Constitution. Our current crop of Representatives is soft in many areas. They are more interested in “working across the aisle” than working within the Constitution.

I am a member of the NRA and a hunter and Concealed Carry License holder.   But our gun rights are not limited to hunting. It is our right to keep and bear arms without question. You can count on me to never give that up.  The original intent of the 2nd amendment was to guard AGAINST out of control Government.  That has not changed.   We have Government trying to take our 2nd amendment rights away, which is why it is even more important today.  

Energy, Oil, Gas, coal:

Why would a government get in the way of America’s greatest natural assets? The Energy department has gotten in the way of harvesting our natural resources (as does the EPA). The bureaucratic nonsense must stop and the government must get out of the way. Remember, clean air does not mean Global Warming. We can drill and mine for our resources in a way that works for everyone but still produces what America needs to help our economy grow and move forward. It is a win-win situation.

Alternative energy sources will come on line if-and-when they become cost effective. Government needs to get out of “picking” the industry that they want to support. The free market has a way of finding solutions — from Henry Ford, to the Wright brothers, to the cars and jets that we have now. American ingenuity and American exceptionalism usually finds a way.

Now the pipeline from Canada is being held up. That is the kind of fight I will enjoy getting into. The facts behind the pipelines prove that they are safer than shipping, which will be the only way to get the oil into the US if the pipeline is denied.


I am pro-life. How is it that a Florida sea turtle egg is more important to the federal government than a human fetus? If you break a sea turtle egg, you are committing a crime, but if you perform an abortion, you get a check from the government via Planned Parenthood? There should be no federal tax dollars spent on any abortion procedures.  Every person has God given rights that shall not be infringed.  I applaud the recent Texas Legislature passing of the Ban on Abortions after 20 weeks.  God Bless them.
 NOW that Planned Parenthood has been exposed as baby killers who sell baby body parts, they should be totally defunded and anyone who backs them should be thrown out of Government!!

Moral Values:

         The words Gay and Marriage have been stolen by the left to take away our social norms.  In America it is said that less than 2% of the population is gay.  that means that in a room of 1000 people, 20 gays are controlling the agenda.  THAT has to stop. No one is going to stop anyone from living anyway they want but we need to stop them from forcing Americans to accept their lifestyles or indoctrinate our children and society.  Give them LIBERTY but not CONTROL.

Term Limits:

Just talking-the-talk without walking-the-walk is not enough.  The principle of term limits does not need a “group exodus” to guarantee the limit. I pledge to introduce a term limit bill immediately that will limit a Congressman to 6 years (3 terms) and a Senator to 12 years (2 terms). This will stop the lifetime legislators who are the root of our Washington Problems.  As Ted Cruz calls them, the “Washington Cartel” and K street influence will never take hold with shorter terms.  

The Military:

A strong defense is clearly necessary, but having our great young men fighting all over the world for people who hate us, is not necessary or advisable. Some strategic bases are required, but injecting our young soldiers into every conflict around the globe is ill advised. Pick our fights that insure our national security, win them fast, then leave. Peace through strength!    The Military Veterans have been shoved aside and that is a DISGRACE!  I will push hard to fix this situation because it is the Vets who fought for our country and they should be the FIRST in line when it comes to health care.


We have the greatest health care system in the world. Government has skewed the system to the point that it is more expensive for no reason. Nothing is free; the bill has to be paid by someone, and it is the working people that bear the burden. Obamacare must be defeated, repealed or de-funded. There is no alternative. Then we can look to the free market for solutions to allow our doctors and nurses to do the great work that they do. There is no government program that works better than private enterprise!

Social Security:

Only the government could devise a plan that would take 15% of every person’s paycheck for 75 years. For that, they have promised that you will have your retirement money waiting for you when you are ready. Now they come to the American people and tell us that the system is broke. If this were a private insurance company that did this, someone would go to JAIL! But the lawmakers who devised this scheme are long dead and gone. Temporary politicians make permanent laws that haunt us forever (Because no government program ever dies).

I agree that in fixing this, nothing should change for anyone 50 or older. They have paid into it for all of their lives and should still be able to count on it. But our children and grandchildren should be allowed to actually own their own retirement by paying into a private company that will be held accountable. The 15% that each of them pays in should be their property (since it is) that they can pass on to their kids.  

Why does the government think that they own your property and earnings?  Because we LET THEM! …Time to stop this theft by government

Just think if you had your SS payments in a private company that did not spend them on government waste? The only role that the government would play would be to insure it like the FDIC insures bank deposits. Time to get the government out of our pockets and our retirement money.

The Environment:

I love America! I love Texas! I have traveled to China, and the air in China is so dirty that you could swing a bat that would leave a mark! Clean air is not connected to phony Global Warming claims. We need clean air without destructive EPA regulations.

We don’t need to be anal about every EPA and Interior Dept claim.  There is a bug in every field just waiting to be “Saved” by the EPA — people be damned.  Every breath that you exhale is just waiting for an EPA claim that it is killing the planet. There is a cow in every Texas field that the EPA wants to TAX!  PLANTS need CO2 to make Oxygen for humans to live on.  How did we fall into this propaganda trap?   END all grants handed out by the EPA.  Shrink the EPA and all their destructive regulations.  Keep the air clean and America working! 

Auto emissions have been cleaned up to the extent that continuing efforts are counterproductive. The law of diminishing returns has come into play. Cleaning up emissions much more is fruitless. Even electric cars use power generated by coal or natural gas to a large part and do nothing for emissions. In fact, the environmental cost to make the batteries and dispose of them is greater than not having electric cars.

Right now, we have great energy resources that are waiting to be tapped. The free market will invent the next power source, but in the mean time, we need to use what we have and stop subsidizing the so-called “green agenda” that does not work. Let the free market work to allow the next Thomas Edison or Einstein or any other geniuses come to the top.