“I am Young enough to perform at the top of my abilities yet, I am Old enough, to have the experience and background to help turn our Big Government ship around and represent Texas’ 4th district in Washington.”


TPA Tea Approved

OFFICE: U.S. House of Representative 4th Congressional district
CANDIDATE: Lou Gigliotti     Approved
Election March 4th, 2014












Primary Video 2

Lou Gigliotti Talks about Gun Rights Vimeo.

Texas Congressional candidate Lou Gigliotti talks about the Second Amendment and gun rights.


-Lou Gigliotti

Congressional candidate Lou Gigliotti answers questions at a Tea Party meeting in Paris, TX, February 2, 2012.

Issues include:
Immigration and Border Control
Preserve the 2nd Amendment

Return moral values

Abortion, End Planned Parenthood

Voter Fraud

End EPA tyranny

Tax policy must be totally changed
Foreign Policy, ISIS, Muslim terrorism

  • Get back to our Constitution
  • Stop the spending!
  • Reduce the size of Government!
  • CLOSE the borders!
  • Limit immigration and end Middle eastern immigration. 
  • My word is my bond, I will never break a pledge to Texas voters
  • I am asking for your vote and support to achieve these goals
  • Will you join me  in reclaiming America from the bureaucrats, the career politicians with special interest groups?

Sign up to help the cause GOTO LouForCongress12@Gmail.com to sign up and leave your email info